The Keratin Caused Hair Fall

The Keratin Caused Hair Fall

The first time I realized my hair was damaged was after I had my keratin treatment. I had curls before having my hair straight and the volume of my hair was way too heavy. Everyone used to admire them, but then I made the biggest mistake of my life that ruined my hair. I did not go the saloon; my aunt did it for me. It was quite good in the first few days after I had my Keratin done. My hair was silkier than ever.

Nobody has any idea, how much I miss my curls when I realized what I have done to myself. How can I let this happen to my hair? The day I knew that my hair was not going to be the same with respect to health and strength because I did not have any issue with the texture; I had issues with the damaging of hair. I thought if I strip Keratin out of my hair, its growth will be back to normal. I bought and applied many sodium products to remove Keratin and shampoos containing sulphate inside it. It made my hair even drier.

I was now fully aware of the fact now that my hair is permanently straight. The only way I can save the hair damage was applying some good products that will provide my hair its required nourishment. So I bought hair care products online from a well known store, They have good reputation in the market plus they are providing comprehensive information on their products. I bought Pelo Baum Hair products- hair care range that will provide nutrients to hair making them hydrated so your hair won’t suffer from dryness and all the nourishment you get through your hair will be absorbed into the hair.

This hair care range including Shampoo, conditioner and a hair fall solution. Hair fall solution is basically a serum, that you apply to your hair after washing it with shampoo and conditioner and it gets the hair protected from external influences making sure the nutrients are secure in hair. After one month of using these products, the healthy and volumized hair was back. It did not remove the keratin but it helped in growing my hair and the new hair were obviously the old curly hair. By using these products, I know I will one day get my old thick hair back.

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