How to grow your hairs rapidly?

We recently wrote about hair fall solutions and today I am going to share few more tips to prevent hair loss. How many of you are worried about losing your hairs? This is not the only problem which people face, some people also complain about slow speed of hair growth and some are complaining about dandruff and dead skin on their head skin’s surface.

Do you know why dandruff appears? When your skin don’t get enough amount of natural fluids and become dry, in today’s tips you will get some useful guidance that will help you to prevent dandruff and to maximize your hair growth. People also like to use hair fillers like Dr CYJ hair filler, but we have more solutions for you today.

Use hair conditioner with shampoo

You need conditioner when your hair is wet, wet hairs can cause many hair problems. In order to prevent this from happening, you should make sure that you make your scalp dry after taking bath. Sometimes when you do coloring on your hairs, then your strands become thinner at the bottom side of your head.

A good hair conditioner can replace the proteins and lipids from your hair shaft so you hair look more healthy and fresh.

Use Anti-Dandruff shampoo

Using an Anti-dandruff shampoo can really work for you, if you have small hairs or you are suffering from hair fall, then dandruff can be a reason behind that. It is recommended by doctors to use a high quality branded shampoo.

Look for shampoos that have Zinc pyrithione, Ketoconazole, Salicylic acid and Coal tar. These ingredients help to take dandruff away of your head.

Don’t use shampoo everyday

Using shampoo is good but don’t over use it, instead of that you should use it thrice in a week. Generally, shampoos contain chemicals that can harm your hairs when over used, to stop this from happening you should make a routine. Choose some specific days to do shampoo, I also recommend to use those shampoos which contain coconut oil into them.

Use mustard oil

Using oil makes your hairs stronger, it provides the necessary moisture to your head skin that it is lacking, therefore when your hairs get their necessities, then they become stronger. You can also use coconut oil, it also has many advantages. The idea is to provide the moisture to your scalp skin so it can feed your hairs and stop further damaging.

Take Protein shake

Your body needs protein to create more hairs and grow those hairs that you already have. You need to take a healthy diet to ensure that you provide all important nutrients to your body. But normally people tend to not care about their diet, if you have the same habit, then try using protein shake. It will help your body to maintain its current hairs and to grow new ones. Hairs are very important and have great impact on anyone’s personality therefore one must do whatever he can to enlarge his beauty. You should also take vitamin and mineral juices, it will help your body to get other useful nutrients too.

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