When Alopecia Got Worse…

I have been going through Alopecia Aerate. It is sudden hair loss that starts with one or more circular bald patches on your head areas. It’s incurable but you can treat it by decreasing your hair loss. My hair got very thin at the back of my head. I suffered from split ends and broken edges of hair. But when I get my scalp dermal treated with Dermaheal HL, my hair fall instantly stopped. We recommend hyaldirect.com to buy dermaheal HL online.

Back in august 2016, my parents said to me that my hair is shedding; shedding all over the place. I was not very much concerned about it because normally every year, I go through a shedding phase. This time, they were alarmed because it does not look like normal. After three weeks of my parents told me about my hair, I was blow drying my hair and my brush was full of hair. I was shocked to see it because it was not something normal and nothing like that happened to me before. A couple of weeks later, I was talking to my friend. I told her the issues I was going through and my parents were concerned about. She also witnessed my hair fall was not like usual. Then I went to a dermatologist and he told me to do a couple of test. After going through a lot of test, I finally was diagnosed to alopecia disease.

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My hair loss was inclining and I couldn’t stop it. So I decided to use hair filler until I cure this disease or control it to some extent. I particularly selected Dermaheal HL after doing my research on several hair fillers. The good thing about this filler is they are organically formulated in order to save you from the effect of in toxic chemicals. They are made from Hyaluroic acid which is derived from non animal sources.

I bought this from meso.pro as they are doing their job honestly by selling qualitative products to their customers and maintaining a relation of trust. Moreover, they are providing a professional guide who is going to make the treatment easy for you. Within two weeks of surgery, I observed there was no more hair on my brush or while showering, styling and blow drying. However, I was not able to cure alopecia completely but my hair growth literally stopped after using Dermaheal HL on my scalp.

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